pediatrics and medical informatics from the heart of the midwest

I am a pediatrician at the St. Lukes Pediatric Care Center and a part-time pediatric hospitalist at St. Lukes Hospital in Chesterfield, Missouri and the resident hacker. So all computer questions end up on my desk, and I've done a few projects to make life easier for all of us. Some of them may be useful to others:

Medication Guide
A spreadsheet for calculating weight-and-age-based doses for our most commonly used medications
Bilirubin Graph
A version of the bilirubin graph that creates a PDF suitable for printing and including in a paper chart.
Firstnet Guide
An introduction to using Firstnet, the EMR used in our ER
WebPINS Clindoc Guide
An introduction to using Clindoc and WebPINS, the home-grown EMR used on the floors
Order sheets: standardized orders in fillable PDF's; someday we'll get real CPOE!
general admission
febrile infant