pediatrics and medical informatics from the heart of the midwest

The PDF output is based on the excellent tcpdf.

Additional options include:

Header line to be printed above the graph (above the title). A special feature is that any underlines will be turned into fillable text boxes(e.g. pdfheader=Name+___________ will be printed as Name ).
Font name of the header. Default: DroidSans (DroidSans).
Size of the header text, in points. Default: 14
Footer line to be printed below the graph. Underlines will be transformed as for pdfheader.
Font name of the footer. Default: DroidSans (DroidSans).
Size of the footer text, in points. Default: 14
URL of a page to use as the background for the graph. HTML interpretation is very primitive; it may take some experimentation to get this right. You will likely need to use invisible GIF spacers for formatting (shades of 1996!). You can see the page I used for the St. Lukes bilirubin graph. Use it with a URL like
Note that the entire query string will be passed to the URL you specify, so you do not need to urlencode any of its parameters.
Set this to force the browser to download the PDF instead of trying to display it in the browser window itself.
Set this to display the print dialog as soon as the PDF displays.