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Plots head circumference (in centimeters) based on the WHO growth charts for <= 2 years and the CDC growth charts for older than 2. The change in data source creates a slight "jog" in the graph at the 24-month point. Data for children with Down Syndrome are from Palmer, et al. (1992). Head circumference of children with Down syndrome (0-36 months), American Journal of Medical Genetics, 42, 61-67, via Greg Richards at

Remove technical details.

Sex is set with sex=male or sex=female. If neither is specified, then the percentiles are averaged.

Set down=yes to get the Down Syndrome graphs.

The lines for less than second or third percentile and greater than 98th percentile are actually ±2 standard deviations, so they really are the 2.3th and 97.7th percentiles.

Patient Information
Date/TimeHead Circumference (cm)Age