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{ Monthly Archives } December 2012

themeswitcher is dead. Long live themeswitcher

The bilirubin graph uses jQuery UI and used to use the official theme switching widget, which I just discovered has been broken since September 2012. That's the problem with graceful degradation; when something breaks the page still works so smoothly I don't notice unless I'm paying close attention. Anyway, David Hoff has written a replacement, […]

Javascript Command Line Interface

I was playing with a minor project and wanted to simulate a command line interface, like the old April Fools xkcd, and realized that their code was far more complicated than what you need if you use jQuery and contenteditable. My quick jQuery plugin to turn any <div> into a terminal emulator is: $.fn.cli = […]

Using parsecss with Sass

I started using Sass (actually, scssphp, since I'm a PHP troglodyte) and I'm loving it. It makes CSS much cleaner; just having variables makes everything easier. The only catch is whether it would work with the non-standard CSS I use with my CSS parser for behaviors. The good news is that it does, with one […]