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Better Asthma Care through Technology

Part of the drudgery of medicine is all the certification and paperwork, and the petty bureaucrats who need to constantly justify their existence by creating new rules. All the rules are well-intentioned, but taken together pave the road to hell—keeping us away from our patients and actually helping people. One such well-paved path is the […]

Daylight Savings Time and the AT&T 8525

I use an AT&T 8525 smartphone (it's the HTC Hermes TyTN) that a friend recommended (some friend!). I've been pulling my hair out with its daylight savings bug—events have the correct time in Outlook on the computer, but are an hour off or worse on the phone. Outlook stores events in UTC and displays them […]

Turning a table into a list in Excel

The yomim tovim are over, so I will hopefully have a chance to play with jQuery again. But on the programming side, one thing I had to do was turn a table of honors, something like this: Rosh Hashana 1Rosh Hashana 2Yom Kippur MaarivPerson 1Person 2Person 3 ShacharitPerson 4Person 5Person 6 MusafPerson 7Person 8Person 9 […]

Exporting the calendar to Outlook

I just got a Windows Mobile smartphone to replace my Palm TX (screen digitizer died). It's an ugly, kludgy and slow operating system (even after upgrading to WM 6). There's nothing as elegant as Luach that integrates Jewish calendar data in the datebook. There's a Jewish Calendar that's nice, but I ended up writing my […]