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New plugin scrollIntoView

One thing that bugged me about my textpopup plugin was that the popup would not necessarily be visible on screen. datepicker moves the widget to a visible spot on screen, which I find very disconcerting. Ariel Flesler's scrollTo was my inspiration, but it scrolls an element so that its top left corner is at the top left of the screen. I want to scroll as little as possible to have the element in its entirety visible. Thus $('#myelement').scrollIntoView().

Download the code.

See the demo.


$('selector').scrollIntoView(opts) scrolls the first element matched into view, with the following options:

padding {Boolean}
true if the padding is to be scrolled into view as well as the content
border {Boolean}
true if the border is to be scrolled into view. If border is true, padding is set to true
margin {Boolean}
true if the margin is to be scrolled into view. If margin is true, border and padding are set to true
animate options
Any option that can be passed to $.fn.animate such as duration, easing and complete can be used

As a shortcut, it can be called as $('selector').scrollIntoView(duration, easing, callback) which is the same as $('selector').scrollIntoView({duration: duration, easing: easing, complete: callback).

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