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{ Monthly Archives } March 2009

Finding the Size of a Table

The Firefox caption bug is still present in version 37, in 2015. <table> elements are among the most frustrating to use if you are trying to style them with Javascript, because their sizes are so unpredictable and poorly controlled with CSS. I was trying to set the size of a table (a calendar, if you […]

New Widgets: googleSearch and ajaxpopup

Updated 2011-02-23 to allow for destroying the widget correctly and the new Google Custom Search API I made a jQuery UI widget (a subclass of textpopup) that hijaxes a Google search form to show the results in a popup box rather than on a new page. Google AJAX search returns only the top four results, […]

Roman Numerals in Javascript

I was looking at some code that included converting arabic to roman numerals, and it was all things like this:

jQuery UI 1.7

Finally, jQuery UI 1.6 final is out, renamed 1.7, and it's on google ajax libraries, so it's minimized (45K for the whole thing; .27 sec to download for me, which is nothing, especially if you're loading at the end of your code so the user is busy reading the content of your site). The contributors […]