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{ Monthly Archives } April 2009

Improving jQuery UI widget getters/setters

Right now UI widgets need to explicitly declare "getter" functions (methods that return information about the widget rather than manipulate it) with $.ui.widget.getter = 'gettermethod1 gettermethod2'. The reason is that most jQuery plugins are chainable: $(selector).widget('method').css('color','blue') executes method on each element matched, then css('color','blue') on each element. Some plugins and some uses of plugins instead […]

New jQuery Widget: flexcal

Updated 2015-02-25 to version 3.0, with the new subclassing code. Updated 2015-02-16 to document changes in default URL and need for separate CSS file. Updated 2015-02-13 to document additional parameters. Updated 2015-01-28 to link to github. Just what the world needs—another date picker Download the code from github. You need jquery.ui.subclass.js, jquery.textpopup.js, /inc/jquery.flexcal.js and flexcal.css.