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flexcal with “Today” button

Someone asked about adding a "today" button/link to flexcal. It's actually pretty simple:

<input id="date1"/>

$('#date1').flexcal({'class': 'multicalendar', calendars: ['en','he-jewish']});
var todaylink = $('<a>Today</a>').attr({
  'class': 'commit',
  rel: $.bililite.flexcal.date2string(new Date),
  title: $('#date1').flexcal('format', new Date),
  style: 'text-decoration: underline; cursor: pointer'

The key is the todaylink which I append to the calendar (the $('#date1').flexcal('box').find('.ui-flexcal') line). The underlying code uses the rel attribute to determine what day a given <a> in the calendar should go to; use $.bililite.flexcal.date2string(d) to get the right format for a given Date object. The $('#date1').flexcal('format', d) is the displayed format for a given date; you can override that (say to use a European day-month-year format).

The class of the link determines what do to: 'class': 'commit' sets the date in the input box and hides the datepicker; 'class': 'go' would just have the datepicker display that date.

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