I liked the way Dabblet does autoindenting (entering a new line copies the whitespace from the beginning of the current line, so you keep the same level of indentation). So I added an option to bililiteRange(element).text() to do that. Now bililiteRange(element).text('text to insert', select, true) with true passed as the last option will autoindent. My Prism editor now has a check box to implement that.

The code to do this is in the bililiteRange utilities, not the original code.

I also added two more bililiteRange plugins:

Prepends the string tabs to each line that contains part of the range. Thus bililiteRange(element).bounds('selection').indent('\t') to indent by one tab (and if you want spaces, use those instead; I won't get into Holy Wars).
bililiteRange(element).unindent(n, tabSize)
Removes n tab characters or sequences of tabSize spaces from the start of each line.

And, inspired by jQuery data, added a bililiteRange(element).data() that returns an object tied to element that can be used to store any data on that element (not the bililiteRange) without memory leaks. Thus bililiteRange(element).data().tabSize = 4 can be used in future calls: assert(bililiteRange(element).data().tabSize == 4). In fact, unindent above does exactly that if tabSize is not passed in.

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