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{ Monthly Archives } May 2007

Google maps mapping tool

To make the eruv map, someone had to enter all the individual points of the eruv boundary. That someone was Mickey Ariel (thanks!). To make it possible, I wrote a simple web application that contains a Google map and placs a marker at every mouse click. Each marker has a number, and the list of […]

Unobtrusive Google maps

With the I-64/I-170 construction, the eruv had to be revised (an incredible job by the eruv committee!) and I had to revise the Google maps eruv on the site. Google maps was the reason I started maintaining the Young Israel site; I read about the API that lets you add your own markers and lines […]

The Hebrew keyboard

For those who liked the YI Hebrew keyboard, I wrote a similar keyboard that I use to turn Hebrew into HTML entities (for the website), and, at my kids' request, uses Morfix dictionary and Google Israel to translate or search for Hebrew terms. Enjoy!

Well, that is unfortunate…

I spent a few minutes at the Apple store tonight, drooling over the big imacs, and tried the YI website with Safari 2.0, and most things didn't work! The search box was visible in the sidebar, the Google map was broken, and the drop shadows and centered embossed text weren't there. At least with the […]