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{ Monthly Archives } October 2009

Column Widths in OOo Tables

Finding the width of a column in a table in writer is a bit of a black art, because the widths aren't stored anywhere, just the relative widths in arbitrary units. And if cells have been combined, then the object model has no concept of "columns" and there is no way to find the […] FontDescriptor

OOo controls have a Struct FontDescriptor that contains all the information about the text (font name, point size, etc.) so one would hope that to make an editbox have the same font as the containing text range, all you would have to do is textField.fontDescriptor = textRange.fontDescriptor but no such luck. FontDescriptors apply to everything […]

Preventing Irony Deficiency

Today was the last day of a 3-month locum stint and they had a lunch for me. Ham and cheese subs. And someone who knew what kosher meant brought in Cheezits (my main vice). But it's sukkot, so I couldn't eat those in the office either.

OOo Tutorial on Exporting to PDF

There's a great tutorial on exporting from Writer to PDF, but as far as I can tell it's orphaned on the website; there's no link from the tutorials page. It documents all the properties of the export filter and goes through the process in great detail. Hopefully the link from this blog will […]