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Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty. Last month, the Young Israel site was hacked and destroyed. A little talking with my ISP's tech support reminded me that I had an old version of WordPress on the site, in a folder called "wordpress," and that it contained a vulnerability that make the vandalism possible.

When I moved this blog, I kept it updated, so I don't think it is vulnerable, but I completely forgot to remove the old one. I just changed the links to refer to the new one. Stupid! And now I've paid the price.

Well, we got just about everything restored from backups (missing some old announcements that I don't think anyone will miss), and I think I've removed any vulnerable code. I also am now the proud owner of some cool-looking hacking software that was installed on the site that I want to try to take apart and experiment with. Just more tuition paid to the school of hard knocks.