I'm working on moving bililite.com to nearlyfreespeech.net; it's cheaper, more reliable and more hacker-friendly than 1&1. I'll write a post with my experiences and reasons later. But for now just the blog has moved to bililite.nfshost.com/blog, with the plan to move the domain registration for bililite.com to nearlyfreespeech when everything is working and then return the blog to bililite.com/blog. Moving it was straightforward, as I've done it before, but there are some subtleties: nearlyfreespeech runs with safe mode and safe_mode_gid on, so you have to watch file and directory permissions; SaraPin explains exactly how. WordPress loads with the group me and nearlyfreespeech's webserver runs with the group web, so you need to SSH into the account and change the WordPress directory with chgrp -R * web. The file permisssions should be 664 (writeable to self and group, readable to all) and the directory permissions should be 775 (writeable and executable to self and group, executable to all; under UNIX, getting a file from a directory is "executing" it), but the default WordPress installation does that.

If you don't know what that means, you probably shouldn't be using a d.i.y. host like nearlyfreespeech.

And now it works!

Almost. SexyBookmarks's images aren't loading when I use the new code, so I went back to the old version. It slows the page load down anyway, so I may take it off entirely.

And the rest of the bililite site is still at the old host, and some of the sample code (in /blog/blogfiles) uses that, so for now I have a line in my .htaccess to refer it back: RedirectMatch /blog/blogfiles(.*) http://bililite.com/blog/blogfiles$1.

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