This is dumb: I'm typing away on WordPress's fullscreen mode and all of a sudden my keyboard goes haywire: the double quote is now an at sign; the backslash is now a hash. The hint to what's wrong is that the hash sign (shift-3) is now a British pound sign. WordPress thinks I'm using a British keyboard! Other applications work fine. Searching for anything like "Wordpress British keyboard" turns up nothing. It's not until I try typing special characters in the address bar that I realize it's not WordPress; it's Firefox.

Turns out Left Shift + Left Alt is the keyboard switcher, and I had both the US and British keyboards listed as available input methods. I must have accidently hit that at some point. It's not clear why only some applications were affected (I think the keyboard is whatever the setting is when that particular application starts). Anyway, Control Panel->Regional and Language Options->Text Services and Input Languages lets me remove the offending keyboard, and I don't have to worry about it again.

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