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Just upgraded the server to Apache 2.4, and started getting 500 errors on everything. Turns out the access control was completely changed; instead of Order deny,allow and Deny from all you use Require all denied. That change fixed everything. Hope this helps someone.

The Torah as traditionally written has two kinds of paragraph breaks: "open" and "closed". Open paragraphs are the same as in English typography: the next paragraph starts on the next line. Closed paragraphs start the next paragraph on the same line, after a 9-em gap. In the image on the page linked to above, there are 3 closed paragraph breaks, 2 open, then 1 closed.

I was thinking about representing this in CSS, with semantic HTML; something like <p class=open>First Paragraph</p><p class=closed>Second paragraph</p>. The Mechon Mamre tikkun uses a single <p> for the entire portion, then has <br>'s and &nbsp;'s hard-coded into the text. But there ought to be a better way.

See the final formatting.

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