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{ Daily Archives } Sunday, August 2008

jQuery UI Widgets

This page is obsolete (it uses jQuery UI 1.5). Please see the updated page. This was written largely to help me make sense of using UI to create my own widgets, but I hope it may help others. "Widget" to me means a user-interface element, like a button or something more complicated like a popup […]

Testing Whether jQuery works

Unfortunately, only the administrator seems to be able to use unfiltered HTML. I also needed to use the Text Control plugin and set formatting to "No Formatting" to prevent escaping the single quotes. But it seems to work.

Formatting in Internet Explorer

I just looked at the blog in IE, and it looks like my <pre> elements mess everything up. They have the CSS set as scroll: auto, but IE doesn't care. Honestly, at this point, I don't care either. This blog is for me to document my thoughts on creating the Young Israel website and anyone […]

A jQuery WordPress plugin

The Using Javascript page in the Codex says to include common javascript files in your header.php file, but that means re-writing it whenever you change themes. I created a simple plugin that includes jQuery and ui.jquery on each page; it's <?php /* Plugin Name: jQuery Plugin URI: Description: Includes the jQuery javascript framework (and […]

Organizing the Shiur Archives

I was trying to figure out how to organize the shiurim in a way that allowed for "AND" filters; something like author=shulman&tag=audio&tanach. Regular expressions won't work; but PHP allows you to use [] after a name and it automatically creates an array, so author=shulman&tag[]=audio&tag[]=tanach works (tag=audio&tag=tanach just overwrites the first tag). The archive filter is […]