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Organizing the Shiur Archives

I was trying to figure out how to organize the shiurim in a way that allowed for "AND" filters; something like author=shulman&tag=audio&tanach. Regular expressions won't work; but PHP allows you to use [] after a name and it automatically creates an array, so author=shulman&tag[]=audio&tag[]=tanach works (tag=audio&tag=tanach just overwrites the first tag).
The archive filter is now basically:
function shiurquery($get){
  $ret = '1';
  foreach($get as $query=>$item) $ret .= shiurquerystring($item, $query." REGEXP");
  return $ret;

function shiurquerystring ($item, $query){
  if (is_array($item))
    return join (' AND ', array_map ('shiurquerystring', $item, array_fill(0, count($item), $query)));
  return "$query\"$item\"";
Where shiurquerystring uses array_map to recursively analyze each element of the array. It's a bit obscure but works, and tighter than a for-each loop.
So shiurquerystring("shulman", "author REGEXP",) returns 'author REGEXP "shulman"' and
shiurquerystring(array("Tanach", "Audio"), "tag REGEXP")
returns 'tag REGEXP "Tanach" AND tag REGEXP "Audio"',
just as we wanted,
and shuirquery(parse_str("author=shulman&tag[]=Audio&tag[]=Tanach") returns
'1 AND author REGEXP "shulman" AND tag REGEXP "Audio" AND tag REGEXP "Tanach'.
The "1 AND" at the beginning makes the coding easier. The actual code is a bit more involved, to prevent cross-site scripting and to limit the filters to specific items.

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