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{ Monthly Archives } December 2010

Using JavaScript VirtualKeyboard with jQuery

Update: Connie Wiolowan of has made some comments and I've updated the post to reflect them. Thanks! Connie also created a jQuery plugin for the virtual keyboard; see the comment for details. I like Ilya Lebedev's JavaScript VirtualKeyboard a lot. It's clever, got an elegant UI, allows you to remap the physical keyboard to […]

Sitemeter Stats for non-HTML pages

Sitemeter works by inserting an image and iframe into your page, so that when the browser retrieves it, sitemeter can look at the referer and know what page was visited. But you can't include image links in an XML or GIF file, so I can't tell which of the bililite webservices are being visited. But […]

Simple Sitemeter Widget

I just started using Sitemeter for tracking page visits (everyone seems to use Google Analytics, but I've used Sitemeter before and am satisfied with what I've got). Sort of depressing seeing a "1" for the visit count, but it's new as of today. Creating a widget to put in the sidebar was straightforward, since I've […]

Great Virtual Keyboard

I like my virtual keyboard, but I just found this one, which is so much more elegant and general-purpose. But it's huge, and isn't really pop-up (it opens a new window). And I like the idea of learning new techniques. So I'll have to dissect it and steal all the cool parts and make it […]

Apple Rocks!

My ever-unreliable AT&T 8525 finally had a permanent white screen of death and, rather than be a slave to AT&T forever, decided to get a separate PDA and phone. I bought an iPod Touch and it is a world of difference. Sync'ing it to Microsoft Outlook was automatic (which never quite worked right with Microsoft […]