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{ Monthly Archives } November 2010

New textpopup

I had a terrible time getting the positioning for my textpopup to come out right and my solution was hacky and didn't work consistently. It seems that everyone had that problem, and the jQuery UI team solved it (yay!) for version 1.8. Enter the enhanced position. It does all the work for me and allows […]


Now, this is cool: <p contentEditable="true">This is a test (click me)</p> I was looking for a in-line editor (on the order of jEditable) but it turns out all the modern browsers have it built-in. However, my sendkeys plugin doesn't work and the position of textpopupup is messed up: <p id="hebrew" contentEditable="true">This is a test (click […]

Brilliant Online PDF Editor

The bane of modern medicine is the paperwork, especially for a practice like mine that is largely Medicaid. If there's anything the government loves, it's paperwork. Fortunately, most of it is available electronically. Unfortunately, most of that is in PDF form, uneditable and closed. Sometimes the bureaucrats have thought to make it a fill-in form, […]