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Brilliant Online PDF Editor

The bane of modern medicine is the paperwork, especially for a practice like mine that is largely Medicaid. If there's anything the government loves, it's paperwork. Fortunately, most of it is available electronically. Unfortunately, most of that is in PDF form, uneditable and closed. Sometimes the bureaucrats have thought to make it a fill-in form, but usually it needs to be printed and filled by hand. With my handwriting, that's a recipe for illegible disaster.

Comes a new website to save the day: PDFescape. It's free (Google ad-supported), all javascript-based (no Flash!), and lets you upload a PDF locally or from the web, then add text or form controls wherever you want, then save it locally. Poof, instant fill-in form! It's smooth, easy-to-use and does exactly what it claims to do. All programs/webservices should work that well.

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