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{ Monthly Archives } January 2013

jsvk, a jQuery Plugin for VirtualKeyboard

I've been using Ilya Lebedev's JavaScript VirtualKeyboard for a while, and even created a small plugin to integrate it with jQuery. But I wanted to make it more jQuery-ish, so I made a new version of jsvk, the plugin to wrap Ilya's code. See a demo that allows dynamic control of keyboard layout and skin […]

google.load('jquery') is Dead

Not sure when this happened, but google.load('jquery', '1') is frozen at 1.7.1. Now the official Google Libraries recommends loading the version explicitly: <script src="//"></script>. That means I have to edit my pages by hand every time they come out with a new version. I suppose that makes things stabler; I don't upgrade until I want […]

screenfade, a New jQuery Plugin

tl;dr: use $.screenfade(callback) to gently fade the screen to white, have the callback make changes, then fade the screen back in. Download the code.See the demo. I like WordPress's full screen editor mode for distraction-free editing, and I especially liked how gradually it fades the full screen in and out. Making a text box fill […]

Extending jQuery UI Widgets with jQuery UI 1.9

Turns out jQuery UI version 1.9 (which is listed on their site as the stable one, but is not served as the latest by the Google library API or listed as such on; I assume things are still in a bit of flux) incorporates many of my ideas for subclassing widgets. So you could […]