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{ Monthly Archives } March 2013

hotkeys with keymap

This post is obsolete; the $.keymap has changed significantly. Documentation is now at Inspired by John Resig's hotkeys, I created a version that uses the modern on, and uses an object rather than a string for the keys (which would be confused with a selector). It also uses my $.keymap codes. It's written as […]


Well, I've finally decided to join the 21st century and get my projects on github. Some of them are useful enough that others have expressed an interest in extending them, and it will force me to have the discipline to use version control consistently. The projects I have on there are: bililiteRangeIncludes the original bililiteRange […]

New jQuery plugin, livesearch

Edited 2013-12-11 to use focusout rather than blur event Continuing my adventures in developing an online editor, I wanted to be able to do "live" searching: having the text scroll to the sought string as it is being typed. I can use my bililiteRange utilities to find an arbitrary regular expression, but after much hair-pulling, […]

Highlighting textareas

I liked the hack that I used in the bililiteRange utilities demo to highlight the ranges in a textarea: creating a "shadow" preelement and using that to set the background of the desired text. It's based on this trick (explained in a ddforum post) by someone with a screen name of Trinithis. I put it […]