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Edited 2013-12-11 to use focusout rather than blur event

Continuing my adventures in developing an online editor, I wanted to be able to do "live" searching: having the text scroll to the sought string as it is being typed. I can use my bililiteRange utilities to find an arbitrary regular expression, but after much hair-pulling, realized that my texthighlight plugin is just too flaky and hack-dependent to be used reliably. So I went a different route: instead of trying to highlight strings in a <textarea>, I overlay a <pre> element desinged to look similar enough to the <textarea> and highlight the string in that with normal HTML. When the user is done typing his search string (signaled by a blur event on the <input> element being typed in), remove the <pre> and select the desired string in the original <textarea>. There's a jump but not as bad as with texthighlight.

Download the code.

See a simple demo, a demo that uses the parameters, and a demo that searches three elements at once.

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