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Well, they released jQuery UI 1.8 two days ago, and now everything is broken. I understand why the changes were made, but it sure is inconvenient. Plugins and posts updated so far:

And on top of that, chili stopped working with jQuery 1.4 and I haven't fixed it yet. Andrea Ercolino was nice enough to send me an updated version, but I haven't gotten around to installing it yet.

Update: got chili to work!

So much for using my spare time to learn Scheme!

I usually don't blog about medical stuff here, but Allie Brosh's comments about the Wong-Baker pain scale are perfectly on-target. The Joint Commission accredits health care organizations and comes up with intrusive, well-intended but largely pointless standards that the rest of us have to uphold. A sort of "unfounded mandate." One of these is the requirement that we document pain levels in every patient on a scale of one to ten. For pediatric patients, we have this "FACES" scale that starts from a big smile and doesn't even get to a frown until number six. I like Allie's much better.

And her comment about not eating red food when you're sick is absolutely right. Never give your kid red popsicles when they've got a stomach bug; you'll just rush into the ER worried that they're throwing up blood.