Archive for November 1st, 2011

I use Ulrich Mierendorff's aws_signed_request to create my Amazon Wishlist Widget. But Amazon just changed the terms of their API (which they do with frightening regularity). Luckily, it's a small change: each request now requires an Associate Tag in addition to the AWS key and encryption with the AWS secret key. But if you want to make money off Amazon, you need an Associate Tag anyway. So in the $params that are passed to aws_signed_request be sure to include a parameter "AssociateTag" => $tag. And now it works again. For now.

I guess the idea is to up the ante in Amazon's battle against state sales taxes—they've cut off the associates in states they're in conflict with, and now those users can't use the search API at all.

I hope they don't declare war on Missouri next.