This post is obsolete; since moving the code to github, the package is no longer being maintained. You need four files: flexcal.css, jquery.ui.subclass.js, jquery.textpopup.js and jquery.flexcal.js

There's been some interest in putting flexcal and all its dependencies into a single file (that would be jquery.ui.subclass.js, jquery.textpopup.js, jquery.flexcal.js, and flexcal.html). The problem with putting it all into a ZIP file is keeping it updated; I don't have an automated make-like system and there's no way I'm going to remember to keep the package up to date. So I created a PHP script based on Patrick Hunlock's Supercharged Javascript to pull the javascript together automatically, together with a script to create the HTML template (so no AJAX is needed and no flexcal.html).

Download the code.

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