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Setting up a New Computer

It's been more than six months since I've posted; I'm still alive and well but haven't had the time to be hacking. Plus our house was robbed and the only thing of value that was taken was my computer, and it's taken me a while to replace it. One of the nice things about the […]

Windows 8

Finally got a new machine (Toshiba Satellite C75), with Windows 8.1, and despite all the negative hype, it doesn't suck. My wife has had a Windows 8 computer for a while now, and I had explained that teh way to think about it was as two separate operating systems: the old, mouse-oriented one; and the […]

Upgrading to Apache 2.4

Just upgraded the server to Apache 2.4, and started getting 500 errors on everything. Turns out the access control was completely changed; instead of Order deny,allow and Deny from all you use Require all denied. That change fixed everything. Hope this helps someone.

Line Numbering Plugin for Prism

Updated 2013-12-09 to use much simpler code One thing that is nice about Prism is that it provides hooks to extend the syntax highlighting, so it is straightforward to create a plugin that adds features like my line numbering, so I can do things like: <pre><code class="language-javascript" data-linenumber=4> function foo(arg){ console.log('You said: '+arg); }</code></pre> Download […]

Keyboard Settings in Windows XP

This is dumb: I'm typing away on WordPress's fullscreen mode and all of a sudden my keyboard goes haywire: the double quote is now an at sign; the backslash is now a hash. The hint to what's wrong is that the hash sign (shift-3) is now a British pound sign. WordPress thinks I'm using a […]

Moving the Blog Again

I'm working on moving to; it's cheaper, more reliable and more hacker-friendly than 1&1. I'll write a post with my experiences and reasons later. But for now just the blog has moved to, with the plan to move the domain registration for to nearlyfreespeech when everything is working and then return […]


My office manager gave me this as a Christmas present. I have a great job.

Now I Understand Scotch Drinkers

XKCD has published the new reference standard for all flame wars:

Time Zone Insanity and iOS

I definitely like my iPod Touch better than my old Windows Mobile 6 phone, and I had hoped that the time zone/daylight savings misery I had on Windows would be behind me. No such luck. When I went to New York for Pesach this year, I dutifully changed the time zone (Settings->General->Date & Time->Time Zone) […]

The Quicken, the Dead

I've been using Quicken for years, since Quicken 97 on Window then Quicken 5 on the Mac and then Quicken 2001 when I got my iMac. The problems is that Intuit doesn't upgrade Quicken, it replaces it each year with a version that has more frilly bells and whistles and less real utility (especially on […]