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Using parsecss with Sass

I started using Sass (actually, scssphp, since I'm a PHP troglodyte) and I'm loving it. It makes CSS much cleaner; just having variables makes everything easier. The only catch is whether it would work with the non-standard CSS I use with my CSS parser for behaviors. The good news is that it does, with one […]

Understanding :before and :after

I wanted to use the CSS pseudoelement :before for manipulating input elements. I had <input class="before-test"/>, and I wanted to use CSS to add a label before the element on small screens only (on a larger screen I would have a table with the label as the <th> element). So <style> .before-test:before { content: "label: […]

Using @font-face

I've been asked to help update my daughter's school website (it's not terrible now, just dated and hard to update), and they have some official "branding" with specific colors and fonts. The colors are easy (though I had to explain to the PR person that just because we have Pantone colors doesn't mean I can […]

Switching to Nearly Free Speech

Finally got the courage to bite the bullet and switch the domain registrar from 1&1 to Nearly Free Speech. I have been forwarding the domain to for 5 months, but I was afraid that there was something I was going to miss in the transition, or that I would lose an important file or […]

New Bing API

I use Bing for the search box on, and it's worked well; simple API, no need to create a custom search engine as with Google. Unfortunately, Microsoft is losing almost half a million dollars an hour on Bing, and they want me to make up the difference. Well, not me alone, but they are […]

No More Social Networking Clutter

OK, I'm convinced. While SexyBookmarks looked cool, and allowed me to put all those "Share or Tweet or Like This" buttons on each post, they have started to get to me. They're too cute, not terribly useful (I'm not that egotistical about spreading my words) and clearly are slowing things down. And the privacy issues […]

Using S3 files in PHP

As I wrote, I'm using Amazon S3 to store files that are too expensive to keep on my web server, with the plan of having frequently-updated files on the server and relatively constant stuff on S3. The address for my S3 server is, which is stored in the global variable $_SERVER['CDN']. So to include […]

Using with Amazon S3

Since I started using 3 months ago, I've been very pleased. Getting them to set up access with a private key was straightforward and the email support person was prompt, helpful and friendly. The only downsides are the safe mode restrictions, which I have been easily able to work around, and the expensive storage […]

Inline Audio Player

Download the code. Demo. Download the WP Audio Player Standalone. So the rabbi asked me to add the ability to play the audio on the taamim page (basically, a long list of short MP3's) directly on the page, rather than click the link to open a new page. No problem, right? We're living in an […]

Nearly Free Speech

I've used 1&1 since I started mucking about on the web; they had a cheap plan for $3/month with one domain name and a simple LAMP stack. But the price has been going up (now $5/month; still comparatively cheap!), and I'm starting to chafe at the limitations (no SSH shell access, proprietary 404 pages, no […]