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{ Monthly Archives } March 2010

jQuery UI 1.8

Well, they released jQuery UI 1.8 two days ago, and now everything is broken. I understand why the changes were made, but it sure is inconvenient. Plugins and posts updated so far: timepickr widget tutorial extending widgets flexcal googlesearch and ajaxpopup textpopup and hebrewkeyboard And on top of that, chili stopped working with jQuery 1.4 […]

A real pain scale

I usually don't blog about medical stuff here, but Allie Brosh's comments about the Wong-Baker pain scale are perfectly on-target. The Joint Commission accredits health care organizations and comes up with intrusive, well-intended but largely pointless standards that the rest of us have to uphold. A sort of "unfounded mandate." One of these is the […]

Learning Scheme, Euler problem 2

The second project Euler problem is: Each new term in the Fibonacci sequence is generated by adding the previous two terms. By starting with 1 and 2, the first 10 terms will be: 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, ... Find the sum of all the even-valued terms in the sequence […]

Learning Scheme

OK, so my new mini project is to learn Scheme. It can't be too hard, right? I mean Javascript is just Lisp in C's clothing, and I'm good at Javascript. I've installed PLT-Scheme and I figure the best way to learn it is solving Project Euler problems until I get bored.

The Quicken, the Dead

I've been using Quicken for years, since Quicken 97 on Window then Quicken 5 on the Mac and then Quicken 2001 when I got my iMac. The problems is that Intuit doesn't upgrade Quicken, it replaces it each year with a version that has more frilly bells and whistles and less real utility (especially on […]