I added keyboard accessibility to flexcal, based on the AOL style guide. Tabbing into the trigger for a textpopup makes it pop. The focus remains on the input element and requires another tab to put the focus on the calendar (a bit awkward to require two tabs but I didn't want to have the input element lose focus every time it gets it), and the escape key (or tabbing out) hides it.

Unfortunately, control-page up/down if used by Firefox to change its tabs and I can't override that, so I use alt-page up/down to skip years. Alt-left/right arrow changes calendars.

Unfortunately, the tabbing in and out doesn't work in Chrome; after tabbing out when the focus returns to the input element it won't leave. I'm not sure what the problem is. And it uses tabindex=0 which isn't supported by Safari at all. I think I will leave it as is and wait for the browsers to catch up to me.

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