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{ Monthly Archives } June 2009

Don’t Reinvent the Wheel

See the updated version. I needed a date/time picker and spend a couple of hours making a simple one: Obviously, I didn't spend a couple of hours putting this together. I wrote it quickly, then spend the hours getting it to work even remotely correctly in Internet Explorer.

Copying jQuery UI styles and Detecting CSS Loading

Updated 2012-12-26 with a much better algorithm for detecting stylesheet loading. So let's say I want to create elements that match a jQuery UI theme (in my case, I was using a <canvas> element and wanted to copy colors). I could try to parse the CSS file directly, but that runs afoul of the same-origin […]

AVH Amazon Wishlist Plugin

Just added a new widget to the sidebar: the AVH Amazon Wishlist. It randomly picks items from my Amazon wishlist. Anyone reading this can feel free to buy me something, though I don't expect that (except from Stanley; you know who you are). I think it's more interesting as an indicator of the sorts of […]

Moving the Blog

I decided that this blog is mine, rather than Young Israel's, so I wanted to move it to a domain that I personally own. Thus, it is no longer at, but at Moving the blog intact was non-trivial, so I'm recording how I did it, based on mydigitallife's instructions: Create the new folder, […]