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All I wanted was to get a better 404 page for the site and to use mod_rewrite to standardize my pages. Of course, nothing is ever simple and mod_rewrite is voodoo. So it took a week of experimenting, pulling my hair and staring at a lot of 500 errors, but I think I got things where I wanted them (still don't have a very elegant 404 page, though!). To make sure I didn't have to go through this again, and to help anyone else out there, here are the things I wish I had known:

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This page is obsolete. Please see my github page.

I like Maxime Haineault's timepickr. But I found it was written for jQuery 1.2, and didn't trigger events correctly with the current jQuery. It also had more dependencies than I wanted, to the extent that the minified version is 49k large, and had some CSS quirks in Internet Explorer that I couldn't figure out without dissecting the whole thing. So I dissected it and rebuilt it smaller, updated for jQuery 1.3. I didn't put back a lot of the options that I didn't need, so it's not exactly an improvement. But it works for me.

Download the code.

I also added the ability to use hoverIntent so you can roll the mouse over the intervening buttons without triggering them:

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