Some of the first things I needed to get straight to move from Microsoft Office scripting to Open Office scripting:

  • The BASIC isn't quite compatible: I know the object model is completely different, but even the underlying language isn't quite the same. I wanted to use the InStrRev function, but it wasn't there! Then I found option VBASupport 1 which puts it in. It's (as far as I can tell) undocumented but mentioned all over on the web. I'm not sure what else it changes (again, in the language, not the object model).
  • The name of the program is; evidently Open Office is trademarked by someone else. I'll do my best to comply.
  • Sizes are in hundredths of a millimeter (dekamicrons? abbreviated as daµ; I can't find anyone using a better abbreviation), so my code has a lot of x = y * 2540/72: 2540 mm per inch, 72 points per inch.
  • Inserting control elements is more complicated than I would have thought; the object model divides them into "model" and "view" and figuring out which properties belong to which takes some searching and experimenting:
    	Dim rng as, checkModel, checkbox
    	checkModel = doc.createInstance("")
    	checkView = doc.createInstance("")
    	checkView.control = checkModel
    	rng.Text.insertTextContent(rng, checkView, True)

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