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The $.fn.sendkeys Plugin

This is now obsolete. sendkeys is at version 4, and is documented at "Rethinking $.fn.sendkeys".

I wanted to make a general-purpose onscreen keypad, and wasted a huge amount of time trying to find a way to simulate a keypress. $(element).trigger("keypress",...) won't work. Neither will keyup or keydown. For security reasons, I guess, you can't tell an element to pretend a key was pressed. The browser is too worried that you will access menus or something.

So I wrote my own plugin and named it after Microsoft's sendkeys which does similar things. For any editable element elem, $(elem).sendkeys(string) inserts string at the insertion point or selection. It's the insertion point sensitivity that makes it more sophisticated than elem.value += string.

It depends on my bililiteRange routines to manage the selections in a cross-browser way.


See $.fn.sendkeys on github.

See bililiteRange on github.

See the demo.

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