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Now that we can create blank PDF's, it's time to add some stuff. Vector drawing commands (lines and shapes) are simple; you just add the commands to the page content stream. In terms of the original class that would be:

$this->pages[count($this->pages)-1]->contents .= "the command\n";
// we just need some whitespace at the end, but the newline makes it easier to read the resulting PDF

But to make things easier, we can keep track of the last page:

function newpage(){
  $this->currentPage = $this->pages[count($this->pages)-1];
// and now adding commands is:
$this->currentPage->contents .= "the command\n";
// this also has the advantage that we can manipulate currentPage to add commands to other content streams

There are lots of commands, all of which are postfix (parameters come before operators). There are no math operators or stack manipulation operators; any calculation has to be done before generating the PDF and numbers inserted directly.

See the code.

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