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This plugin is obsolete. See the new status at

Updated 2015-01-19 to allow $(console).status(). Now at version 1.4.

Updated 2013-12-18 to use Promises. This necessitated removing the result option and adding the returnPromise.

Updated 2014-01-09 to add initialText option and to document the markup used.

For the Kavanot editor I wanted to have a way to display messages (like "Text saved successfully") that would show up on screen then fade out, and a way to enter text (like the title, or editing commands if I ever get that working). I packaged that all together into a plugin could handle both, with an anticipated use like:

<textarea id=editor></textarea>
<div id=notifications></div>

And then do something like $('#notifications').status('Text saved'); and that briefly shows the message in the <div> and then gradually fade out.

And for user input,

  prompt: 'File Name:',
  run: function (text) { 
    /* do something with text */
    if (successful) return 'success message';
    if (! successful) throw {message: 'failure message'};

displays the prompt and an input box then runs the function and displays the result (it automatically catches the thrown exception).

See the code on github.

See a demo.

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