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Prism is a great Javascript syntax highlighter, and it's fast enough to be used on the fly for active editing; Lea Verou (the author) does this with Dabblet. Combined with bililiteRange to handle some of the subtleties of dealing with contenteditable elements, a syntax-highlighting editor is relatively easy.

Simplest usage: bililiteRange.fancyText(element, Prism.highlightelement);.

See the demo.

See the code on github.

There's a fair amount of flakiness; contenteditable elements are still handled inconsistently. Newlines are changed into actual elements (Firefox adds <br>s; Chrome adds a whole new <div>), even though a <pre> doesn't need that; it would interpret newlines the way we want. So we have to intercept those and just insert the newline. Firefox insists on changing newlines into <br>'s even in pasted text, and Chrome's clipboard implementation includes the carriage return character, so we have to intercept paste events and insert the text appropriately mangled.

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I've been looking at Promise/A+ as a way to abstract future values, or values that depend on something the user will do later, specifically Yehuda Katz's rsvp.js, and came across Domenic Denicola's You're Missing the Point of Promises, which got me looking at Oliver Steele's Minimizing Code Paths in Asychronous Code. Now I have another consideration in my code that I never thought about before.

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